About Us

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Our History

Our consulting history spans more than a decade. People Partners grew out of a merger of the HR divisions of Vive Transitions and Thea Marais Consulting, both organisations having been founded more than 18 years ago.

People Partners was formed in order to harness the strengths and experience-base of both practices

Our Clients

We work with a large spectrum of clients. From Information Technology and Communications businesses all the way to NGOs.

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How We Work

As a solutions-driven business, we tailor our offering to the needs of our clients. Where necessary, this will be based on an initial HR or B-BBEE assessment or a client brief.

Generally, our client's needs suit one of the following service packages or a combination:

  • HR Outsourcing
  • We take responsibility for the HR function on an outsourced basis and allocate an agreed amount of time on-site. This model allows clients to access the expertise of a 'master class' HR Manager on an affordable basis.
  • HR Co-Sourcing
  • We support and work alongside the client's internal HR function to provide various additional services. This model allows clients to access the expertise of a 'master class' HR Manager on an affordable basis while maintaining an HR presence internally to attend to day-to-day HR matters.
  • B-BBEE Management
  • We work closely with the Management team and Financial department to develop a strategic B-BBEE plan and then monitor and assist with the implementation of the plan through to verification.
  • HR or B-BBEE Projects
  • People Partners handles the implementation of various HR or B-BBEE projects based on the client's needs.
  • Hourly Consulting
  • People Partners provides consulting on a by-the-hour basis based on the client's needs.

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