Our Clients

Our clients include the following:

Go Reefers (Logistics - National)
Grove Group (ICT Sector - International)
Craig International (Procurement- International)
dhk Architects (Architects - National)
dhk Thinkspace (Interior Design - National)
Angle Orange (Industrial Design- National)
Lansdowne Boards (Retailer and Manufacturer)
Whitehouse / Hospitality Suite (Retailer and Manufacturer- National)
Touareg Tents (Hiring and Manufacturer)
TB/HIV Care Association (NGO- National)
Breadline Africa (NGO)
Riverport (Insurance)
Cape Armature Winders (Manufacturer)
EThekwini Cold Store [Warehousing & Storage - KZN]
Pragma Holdings Group [Asset Management International]
Joint Venture Pump Services [Service National]
Wood City Group [Retailer/Manufacturer National]
Grass ZA [Manufacturer /Wholesale International]
Windlab International

[Consultanting - International]

Doorway IT

(ICT Sector - International)